If you're not in the US and you start making money from Amazon's affiliate program, you're going to run into a big problemo - getting paid. Long story short, if you don't have an American bank account you can only be paid via cheque or in Amazon gift cards. I didn't fancy flying to the US just to open an account.

Getting a cheque (in 2016!! It's at least ten years since I even saw one in real life) is crazy - you have to carry it IN YOUR ACTUAL HANDS to a bank, who will look at you like you are from a Charlie Chaplin film, and then they will charge you god knows how much in fees and currency exchange. Because the cheque is in dollars and your bank account, frankly, isn't.

So the cheque route is pretty shafty.

Off topic - have you SEEN the Charlie Chaplin movie where there's a woman walking in the background totally using a mobile phone? I'm serious. She walks down the street holding a phone to her ear. It's more important than making money online. Check it out.

TIME TRAVEL CONFIRMED. Now back to the mundane reality of making 4% commission on Amazon sales.

For the first few months of RAKING IN FAT STACKS OF INTERNET DOUGH I chose to be paid in Amazon gift cards. I thought I could either buy stuff or sell the cards at 90% face value. That kind of made sense when my income was 30 bucks a month. So I just put the problem out of my mind for as long as possible.

Then came Black Friday and Christmas and I made like 500 dollars. I was disproportionately happy, but with all that money getting tied up in gift cards I realised how cumbersome the whole gift card thing was. Selling a gift card worth $334.17 without getting ripped off is harder than you'd think.

Being paid in gift cards is no way to run a business. It was time to get serious. Luckily I stumbled across a website that hadn't come up when I searched for 'get paid by Amazon without a US bank account' the first five times.

It's called Payoneer and it gives you a sort of ersatz American bank account - the process was very easy and I was willing to take a risk on it because if it worked it would solve a big pain point for me. One thing that built trust was that they work with Amazon on Amazon's FBA programme so that third party sellers around the world can sell on Amazon.com and get paid easily. The Payoneer site didn't explicitly say it was suitable for the basic Amazon Associates affiliate partner too, but it stood to reason that it was.

So I signed up, put my new bank details into Amazon, and waited. The first month I earned 148 dollars from Amazon, but the minimum needed to transfer OUT of the Payoneer account was 150. Holy Christ. Seriously, is nothing easy in this business?

Next month I was paid more than the 2 dollars needed to meet the minimum, so I took a deep breath and withdrew my whole balance. Weirdly it didn't ask me for my bank details, and I couldn't remember which bank I'd linked it to. I clicked send anyway because whatever. 

A couple of days later the money was there in my Swiss bank account. The fees from Payoneer were low enough that I didn't notice how much it was. A few percent.

I've been sitting on this post for a couple of months and since then I've successfully made two more payments. This is the way to do it!

In my Payoneer dashboard is the following referral link. If you use it, once you've signed up and received $100 we will both get $25. Bonus!