Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin vs EasyAzon

Since I started building niche sites on Wordpress, I've been happily using EasyAzon to add Amazon links. UNTIL NOW.

Well, until about a month ago. That's when I found this AAWP thing and had to have it. It's soooo sexy omg. I bought a single site license and a few days later upgraded to the full developer license to use on all my sites.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Product Boxes + Bestseller-Lists for Blogs & Niche Sites

The Problem With EasyAzon

EasyAzon is good. It is easy to use (if a bit temperamental) and can shepherd visitors to their local Amazon store so you can maximise your income.

It has 4 outputs - text links, images, call-to-action, and info blocks. The info blocks are nice - they look like this:


And here's a text link and a call-to-action button:


And finally you can insert an image. This is awesome because it gives you a selection of all the ones uploaded by to the product's Amazon page, and in different sizes. Clicking these images will take your readers to Amazon (with your tracking ID added, of course) - so it's not only easy to spice up an article with some images, but you can make some moneh too. Niiiice.

All right so here's the main problem - adblock. Site visitors using adblock won't see the call-to-action buttons or the info blocks.

And there aren't tons of other options. You can choose to add products to someone's cart (so you get a 90-day cookie instead of a 24-hour one) and have some information pop-up when people hover the mouse over your text links, but I ended up turning those off because they were more annoying than useful. So actually there aren't any real options.

Enter AAWP

Someone in a Facebook group mentioned this new plugin, and when I saw the demo page I was immediately hooked. Holy moly! Seeing what was possible made my nipples hard.

Here's a widget you can put in the sidebar:

Looks great, right? If you're using Genesis you can use Genesis Simple Sidebars to create different sidebars for different categories and have something relevant displayed in the sidebar.

Here's a grid thing for side-by-side comparison of similar products:

Here's a table that you make with one line of code and some Amazon product IDs:

Waaah! As soon as I saw those I wanted it already. But I did some further research and found that it was approved by none other than Amazon themselves. Not only approved but recommended! They wrote a big article comparing a few different options and AAWP came out with flying colours.

But it was when I finally got my hands on it and installed it on one site as a test that I really came to appreciate its true worth. Here's the feature I use the most - it displays info about a single product:

  1. You can show or hide the stars (show for social proof)
  2. It shows its compliance with the Amazon terms of service (after each link or once per page, as you want). Less chance of getting banned!
  3. You can choose how many bullet points you want to show and the max length of one (useful when you're working with keyword-stuffed product pages)
  4. You can give the title a maximum length (keyword stuffing defence, again)
  5. You can choose how this sale ribbon shows (a bit)
  6. Choose if you want discounts to show (of course you do) and Prime logo (jarp)
  7. Choose the colour and text that shows in the call-to-action - great to make the buy button stand out

And guess what? None of this gets adblocked!

So What's the Catch?

The catch for me was that everything was a bit harder than it should have been. I had some specific needs and wants, like having those neat tables only show on desktop (because they looked bad on mobile).

Oh and now I remember that the plugin's creator hadn't actually advertised that it had geo-targeting functionality on his sales page.

And I couldn't work out how to make a simple text link, and couldn't get the star ratings to show within a Tablepress table.

Ugh. Lame.

Nope! I wrote to the creator, Florian, in each case, and he replied pretty quickly telling me how to do all the things (e.g. giving me the CSS I needed to hide things on mobile and helping me make my Tablepress comparison tables).

So the plugin is a real 5-star product, and the support is just as good. The documentation could be clearer (Florian told me he plans to work on that) but if you're thinking of buying an Amazon plugin for Wordpress, this is the one I'd recommend.

So You Deleted EasyAzon?

Not quite. I've found the best thing for me is to use a combination of both plugins. I use AAWP for most of my links (95%), but add images using EasyAzon because it has that neat 'choose which image and size you want to show' feature.

UPDATE - Florian told me how to do this using his plugin.

UPDATE 2 - Florian added easy-to-make comparison tables to AAWP. I was on holiday when it was released so I only just made my first table yesterday - and now I'm going to spend the rest of my weekend changing my ugly tablepress tables into gorgeous AAWP ones. They are BEAUTIFUL and really, really easy. No joke.

UPDATE 3 - I started replacing EasyAzon image links with AAWP ones so I can uninstall EA. That should result in a very slight speed boost (EA seems to load some code even on pages where it isn't used) and will make it easier to sell the site (because the new owner will have to change one Amazon tracking ID instead of 3 times on every product page).

None of my links are adblocked now, and they all look tasteful and sexy. This is going to be a HUGE month for me in Amazon sales and it's possible the non-adblocked links will pay for the developer licence this month alone!



  • It's sexy.
  • Once you know the shortcodes, it's faster than EasyAzon.
  • You'll get more conversions just because it looks great, but also by beating adblockers.
  • It feels more compliant with Amazon's TOS.
  • It's ten times more customisable than EA.

Click here to check it out in more detail.