Let's make websites!

Work for yourself, work from home, earn passive income, sleep on a bed of cash.

"How I Generated $2.85 Last Week in PURE PASSIVE INCOME"

Howdy partner! You don't know me but you soon will! I'm TOP INTERNET GURU Andrew Girardin. By following my teachings you'll soon be able to work from home, make fat stacks (of money), and go to swanky conferences with lanyards and name badges. All from making a couple of websites!

All My Wisdom Has (not yet) Been Distilled Into Case Studies

If you see this text, my advanced javascript algorithms have detected that you are the sort of person who learns by reading case studies. Every time you visit the site you'll be able to see what I'm doing with my various websites. I'll show you visitor numbers, income reports, and teach you the ADVANCED INTERNET STRATEGIES I use to DRIVE TRAFFIC to my sites and PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT.

What You Would Learn (If I Had Time)

You'd learn to build websites from start to finish. Choosing and registering a domain, choosing a host and a website builder (Wordpress or Squarespace), how to write content that earns money - and more advanced stuff like buying and selling websites, profiting from affiliate programs, keyword research, and more.


Addendum is a fancy word meaning 'another bit'. Here's the deal - when I wrote the above it was a pastiche of so-called top internet gurus and their deeply insipid article titles:

  • How I increased my conversion rate by 400% (after 8 years of building trust and rapport with my audience)!
  • The 400 link building strategies you MUST use in 2018!
  • How I made a blog that makes $20,000 a MONTH! (and 17 other blogs over 12 years that failed and my net hourly income is about 4 cents an hour)

But I found that by working on my websites I WAS able to actually grow their audience and make money. So now I'm in the awkward position of really wanting to write about what I'm doing in order to help other people, but I can't really justify TALKING about doing things instead of actually DOING the things.

So... for now you'll mostly just get income reports.