How long would it take you to save up to retire? For most people, probably not as long as you think. There are two ways to accelerate the process - increase your income, which is what most of this website is about.

The second is to cut your expenses. Which isn't sexy or interesting, really, but is important and worth spending some time on.

This page will outline my thoughts on financial freedom and link to some of the people who helped me get into the mindset I have today. WHICH IS THE BEST MINDSET. I HAVE THE BEST MINDSET. NOBODY HAS A BETTER MINDSET THAN ME.

How I Save Money

[Hope to get round to writing this bit one day. Basically I read the Mr Money Mustache blog from start to finish and started going to Aldi and waiting before making big purchases. We stopped buying things we don't really need.]


One thing that really helps me keep an eye on my spending is to keep a spreadsheet of my income and expenses per day. 

When I first started trying to save money I did this religiously, now as you can see I'm a bit more sloppy. It's certainly close to 100% accurate - probably out by a only few hundred francs over the course of the year.

My first goal in any month is to make a 'profit'.

Sometimes I'll defer some spending from one month to another to keep the numbers in the black.

The next thing is to maximise my savings rate. Brits and Americans who have the goal to retire early sometimes manage to save incredibly high amounts (like 75% of their income) but my normal rate is 30% (Switzerland is brutal) and I can only really increase that by earning more money (hence the focus of this website is currently about making money from websites).