SEO Experiments

Niche Site Case Study 1 - Everything Asterix

Built on Squarespace

My amazingly awesome Asterix the Gaul site. It is sexy, full of unique content, and visitors love it. So why does Google hate it, and why has it produced almost zero money? It’s not faaaaaiiiiirrrr! In this series of articles I try to diagnose what went wrong and try to fix it.

Niche Site Case Study 2 - Britain's Smallest Shop

Uses WordPress

My first attempt at building an online store is now a madcap experiment in targeting long-tail keywords.

Niche Site Case Study 3 - Exam Tips

Built on Squarespace

You know how people always go 'write about what you know'? That was my plan with these sites. They focus on specific exams taken by foreign students of English. They compete with much older, established sites. Surely they were doomed from the start?