Back in the old days I had the idea of doing a bunch of case studies - testing some things and writing articles about what I found. I really appreciated reading case studies on other peoples' sites and I learned a lot from those articles.

But once I started making money online it was more rewarding to actual build websites than write about building websites.

Plus anyone who reveals their websites is met with a flood of copycats, which makes it hard to do any serious case studies.

But here's one I just wrote that's pretty good:

Niche Site - Exam Tips

Built on Squarespace

You know how people always go 'write about what you know'? That was my plan with these sites. They focus on specific exams taken by foreign students of English. They compete with much older, established sites. Surely they were doomed from the start?

They were actually enormously successful in terms of visitor numbers, but it was a challenge getting much revenue from them.