Every minute I spend working on my online businesses has the potential to generate future income. New articles bring new people to my websites, more links help those articles do better in Google searches, and there's always something that can be fixed, tweaked, or optimised.

There isn't a moment to waste.

So of course I spend 5 hours a day wasting my precious time on Reddit, YouTube, and all the other rabbit holes/time sinks.

Today's Rabbit Hole

A couple of headlines that caught my eye:

Bethune-Cookman graduates turn backs on Ed Sec Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos booed at University for the entirety of her speech.

Betsy DeVos is some nutjob who knows nothing about education and has a track record of everything she touches turning to toxic ash. So of course she's the right person to put in charge of America's schools.

It was announced that she'd be giving the graduation speech at Bethune-Cookman and 60,000 people signed a petition trying to prevent it. I know all this because I was compelled to do some research after watching these students voice their displeasure in a thrillingly visceral way. Just watch the first minute or so:

She was booed like that for the WHOLE of her mind-numbingly tedious and self-indulgent 23 minute speech.

So that was spinetingling and inspiring, but the best part was in the Reddit comments where someone linked to another video of a politician being booed.

I'd never seen it before but now I'm a top expert in the case - a politician called Ben Konop had been elected as a county commissioner, having specifically promised not to run for mayor. Predictably, he was lying, and here's what happened when he launched his mayoral campaign:

The video went viral and they paid homage to the incident in South Park. And because the internet is THE BEST someone remixed the original into this funky masterpiece:

Konop was ruined by this heckle, didn't become mayor, and now lives in Chiang Mai having reinvented himself as a digital marketer.

Then I went further down the rabbit hole watching videos of comedians 'destroying' hecklers, but then I stopped myself by writing all this down, so now I can get back to work.