Here are the Wordpress settings I recommend. You find them on the left hand side when you log in to the website administrator section.

Inside the Settings you'll find the basic Wordpress settings plus some from plugins you've installed. On this site I've got 'Scroll Back to Top' and 'UpdraftPlus' installed and those are controlled from inside the Settings tab. 'Blox Lite' is a plugin, too, but it gets its own section on the left menu.

General Settings

In the General Settings subsection you add your site title and a tagline. If you make no other changes then what you type here will show in the browser like this:

And like this in the search results:

So it's pretty important to have something interesting there. Look at some successful websites for ideas of what to write in your tagline. It's a good place to have some keywords. Now that is about choosing gifts I really should change something there to include the word 'gift'.

Note that other pages will not show the tagline.

The Wordpress address and site address - you don't change these unless you upgrade a site to https. If you're new to website making you should make an extra effort to set up a site in https from the very beginning.

Writing Settings

On the Writing Settings page I never change anything, except when you've got a few articles and most of your posts will be written under one particular category (more on that later) you can create a default category here.

It's not important at all - just if you quickly write an article and don't set a category it will go into 'uncategorised' which isn't ideal.

Reading Settings

The Reading Settings page normally determines what gets shown on the homepage, but Genesis can overwrite this.

Generally speaking, if you set #1 to show your latest posts then you create a 'blog' style homepage that shows the latest articles. Or you can change it to show a 'static page' - which just means a particular post or page.

More on this when we have some articles written and published.

#2 is a setting for category pages and archives. Imagine you're on a site and you like an article and want to read more by that particular author. When you click the author's name it will show you 6 (in this case) complete articles from that guy. We could change it to 10 summaries (just the start of the articles).

 This setting gets overridden by Genesis, but it's good to know if you're ever on a different theme.

Never click #3. That is like hiding your site from Google, which is the opposite of what we want.

Discussion Settings

The Discussion Settings page is all about how to manage comments on your site. But I always turn these off.

First, a page with no comments looks empty and reduces trust. Second, negative comments reduce trust in the article. Third, you'll get tons of people adding comments just to get a link to their site. Fourth, it's going to slow the site down, at least a little bit. Fifth, we're just telling people which products they should buy. There's nothing to discuss!

Also on the Discussion page is Avatars. They show next to comments - you can choose different themes and whatever. We don't want comments so just turn it off.

Permalink Settings

The Permalink Settings might be the most important setting. I strongly recommend ONLY using the postname structure.

Look at these search results for 'best gift for a 60 year old man'. Focus on the green text - that's the URL of the page.

The first and third have 'post name' as the URL choice. I have no idea why it says '72458' in the first one. That looks weird and ugly and unprofessional.

The middle one is using categories, so all their pages about gifts start with /gifts. Now it's not BAD to do that and in some ways it makes it pretty clear what's going on.

But I think SHORT URLs are better and given those choices I would click the Men's Journal link.

(Note the irony of me saying this when the URL of the page you are reading breaks the rule... but this site uses Squarespace and that's one of the limitations.)


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