Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Method™ is working. These report cards tell the story of how my niche websites are performing (in a way that doesn't get me in hot water with the taxman).

The main event in September was the maybe-sale of another site. It’s a pretty good one, excellent passive income, but with the renovation work on my house nearing completion I’m going to need some cash. There was a hiccup in the sale, though, as once I’d transferred the Amazon tracking IDs it went on a run of shitty days. So the sale hasn’t gone through yet, making it hard to determine if September was good or not.

The rest of the sites did well, and we were able to rent our flat for most of the rest of the year even though it’s partially a building site.

I split these report cards according to websites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

Bought: Garden Site (E)

It made about 30 dollars. Not amazing but whatevs.

Bought: Home Site (C)

A bit underwhelming, but actually it made more than the previous September. I don’t have enough data but I assume people tend to wait for the sales to buy products like these.

Built: Review Site 2


Built: Review Site 3 (B?)

Maybe sold? It actually made more in 20 days than it made in the whole of June. Traffic is steady so there’s no reason it shouldn’t continue to make the same amounts it was making.

Built: Education Sites (C)

Financially it was just an okay month, but my new site is starting to do well - one article is getting 1,500 hits a week. My plan is to drive traffic to the site and then try to sell things. Genius, right?

Built: Others (A)

I shut down one of the 3 sites. Of the remaining 2, one spat out 150 bucks, which was extremely unexpected. And the other made like 10 dollars. Overall, a nice amount of money for no work.

Joint Venture: Authority Site (B)

Signs of life! I’d say it was a normal month but with 3 days where some big products were sold. I found some problem with the site’s CSS and fixed that. Whether that had any meaningful effect I don’t know.

Last Month's Goals

  • I did add some articles to my new English site. And a video, too, but that was yesterday, i.e. October.

  • I made zero effort to understand Instagram. I think I just don’t give enough of a shit to care about it. Yes it could help me make money but Christ, how many things am I supposed to know about?

  • Drinking less is going… okay. What I do now is buy a 37.5cl bottle of wine to drink with dinner. If my girlfriend says she wants some then we get a 50cl bottle. They are normally not the best wines. The half-bottle size is enough for me to enjoy myself but not enough that I can’t sleep or get a hangover. If I had ANY impulse control then we’d be able to buy normal bottles like normal people, but I don’t. We bought a full bottle the other day and I just poured it right down my throat in one motion. Didn’t even gulp. Just opened my throat like an emu.

This Month's Goals

  • Add more articles to my English site.

  • Do more Youtube videos. My setup is quite good now - have a nice camera and some lighting. The audio isn’t quite right so I need to work on that.

  • Mum is coming to visit so a lot of energy will be spent making sure she has a nice time and me trying not to RAGE at her for voting Brexit and believing any nutjob shit she reads on Facebook. Maybe I’ll take her laptop and see what exactly it is she’s seeing. Maybe install an adblock so she can’t even see the latest shite from the extremist terror group commonly known as the Conservative Party.

Last Words

A good month that makes me optimistic for the rest of the year. I’m motivated to work hard on my new site and tend to my dwindling number of established ones. Things could be a lot worse.