Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Method™ is working. These report cards tell the story of how my niche websites are performing (in a way that doesn't get me in hot water with the taxman).

September was great, until the end, when it turned shit. A Google update hit my main site and we’ve lost 33% of our traffic and half our clicks through to Amazon. (Also Amazon was late sending their affiliate program payouts which was more stress I didn’t need. I also had 2 separate arguments with my girlfriend about pots. POTS.)

too old for this shit.gif

I have a backlog of work from a week of mini-depression/sulking, guests visiting, and yesterday’s hugely painful trip to the dentist, so I’m going to keep this one brief.

Here’s how my website portfolio got on last month.

I split these report cards according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

Bought: Tech Site (D)

Another month waiting for the developer to develop. You’d think he’d be good at developing. The clue is in the name. But he seems to be using my cash to smoke weed all day. That’s fine until I [redacted] a [redacted] up his [redacted]. Let’s see how he enjoys smoking his weed without any [redacted].

Bought: Garden Site (D)

Another low month, but actually a bit better than expected (it does best in spring). Main problem is this update has crushed it and I don’t have time to investigate. I expect the next few months will be very very shit.

Bought: Home Site (E)

Still a chaotic mess, making less money than ever, and suffering with this update. No bueno.

It’s a bit of a horror story to be honest.

bad news.gif

Built: Review Site 1


Built: Review Site 2 (B)

Nice earnings, added lots of quality new content, hoping to do some serious link building on it.

Built: Review Site 3 (A)

This is the third consecutive month where it’s made 1k or more. It’s in the kind of range where I could start to think about selling it.

But I just did this expensive link-building campaign, so I’d like to give it a few months to see how that pays off.

wait and see.gif

Built: Education Sites (C)

A decent month financially, despite lowish traffic. Now that I’ve had the site a while I can look back on previous years and see that there are basically 4 peaks where I get craploads of visitors and then it tails off. (The 4 peaks match exam dates, obvs.)

Built: Others (D)

This is my basket of deplorables - 7 sites too new, small, or shit to warrant their own section.

One site did great - I would have thought it was a strictly summer niche, but September was its second best month ever.

My failing authority site is responding well to the new content I added - traffic is very very slowly starting to rise. Still a complete fiasco though.

Joint Venture: Authority Site (B*)

That rating is B with an asterisk. In terms of income it was an A month, maybe even an A+. But as I said, the site got hit by Google and it seems I’ll be lucky if I only lose 33% . It’s looking like it might be as low as half.

Just gonna use the same gif as last month:

so unfair.gif

There just aren’t enough episodes of Bake Off to get me through this crisis.

Last Month's Goals

  • Added lots of content to review site 2 and my failed authority site. But I still have 10 unpublished articles on my desktop and 20 more in a Dropbox folder. So I only partially achieved my goal.

  • Only had one night where I chugged an entire bottle of wine. The headache didn’t affect my productivity because that morning I also lost a chunk of tooth and had to spend the day going to and from the dentist, who was totes brutal and very injecty.

  • Didn’t have any incidents with my detested neighbour, who hasn’t been noisy in a while.

  • I switched from jogging (pointless) to rowing (awesome) but I’m fatter than ever.

This Month's Goals

  • Lose a few kilos YOU FAT PIG.

  • Have some alcohol-free days (the next days are always super productive - e.g. today). Might also help to lose some of that ENORMO-BELLY.

  • Try to learn what the latest Google update was about.

  • Get money from the bank to do this big energy efficiency project with the house.

Last Words

A good month that ended in a stressful week. I think I’m decent at living with uncertainty and taking fairly extreme risks, but one can’t have uncertainty coming from so many angles.

Selling review site 2 would be a further step towards simplification, so I’ll consider it. But how could I recreate the income without doing ‘real’ work? Something to ponder.