Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Method™ is working.

When I repurposed this site as a record of my achievements in the field of making websites, passive income, and early retirement, I wasn't taking it very seriously. My sites were making a couple of hundred dollars a month, and that was only because I had bought a site that was making a couple of hundred dollars a month. Income from sites I'd built myself was pitiful.

But this is the second month in a row where I've come in at around 4 figures. It's taken me 18 months to get here, but maybe I'm not so bad at this as I thought.

September Results

September 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site511710494
Lead Gen14520143
Review site27280264
Education sites215160199
Authority Site2541128125

The Tech Site

Last month's profit was 587, so it's dropped a fair bit. But last month was a frenzy of adding new articles which saw me rewarded by Google. This month I did almost zero to the site. I think the time saved is worth more than the 80 dollars I've 'lost'.

Actually that was a really great month, and October will be the month when the site has earned enough to pay for itself - 14 months after buying it.

In other words, everything from now till it stops making money is profit.

Lead Generation

After another barren stretch of days without sales I lost my SHIT and put Adsense back on most of the pages. I had removed ads to give a better user experience, speed up the site, and because it was only adding 20 dollars a month or so.

But now the income is so low that 20 dollars is not to be sniffed at.

Things picked up near the end of the month and there was good news in the industry, which I think will lead to some better times ahead.

Still, it's making half what I expected, so that's annoying given how much I paid for it.

Oh, as well as putting ads back on the site I tested ways of making the site load faster. Early results are promising, so more on that next month.

Review Site

Income here has gone up 100 compared to last month, which makes up for what was lost in the lead gen site.

I built this one myself, from scratch, so it's doubly pleasing to see it do well. I forced myself to not spend any money on new articles this month, because this was the month I broke even on the project (Squarespace is my only ongoing cost and I outsourced most of the reviews).

Like the tech site, any money it makes in future is pure profit.

The only downside is that the niche is so specific there's nowhere for it to go. So I decided to start work on a few other review sites - it's a very low financial commitment to get started and I'll see if any of them 'stick'. I could easily handle another 10 of these sites because once the core content is online there's really nothing else to do except cash cheques.

Education Sites

Remember that sales page I created that earns me 60 cents a day? It still does - except when it EXPLODES in a shower of coins!

What the hell you talking about Girardin?

That page (embedded on a site that gives tons of great content for free) promotes this software called Grammarly. Anyone who signs up for a free trial, I get 20 cents. There's a steady flow of such people through my link. Why wouldn't there be? It's free, goshtarnit!

Then anyone who upgrades to the free plan, I get 20 bucks. This month I made over 100 American dollars from that one page. That gives me some very sexual feelings indeed.

The second sales page I made for an online teaching service made 40 dollars, which is a nice bonus. I thought it had been a complete waste of time, but it's actually a service I believe in and promote in real life.

The future? I need to create some videos for one of the sites but most of the work is done now so this is fairly passive income.

Authority Site

This is a five-month old site in a broad niche - me and my business partner have only scratched the surface of what we want to include but the look and feel is very premium, and the content is best-in-class.

We only made two small Amazon sales this month, but we also made two HUGE ones. And on the last day of September we sold another big-ticket item, so we're quids in for next month, too.

Traffic is still very low, but it's on an upward trend. Slowly, slowly, catchy money!

I've reinvested most of the income in new content, so I'm hoping Google gives us a bit more love than it has been doing so far.

We have to move to new hosting in October, so we're hoping that goes smoothly.


That was another good month. I really like being exposed to so many different income streams and niches. When one has a bad day, another does well.

I've cut back on my real-life workload and now only teach a few hours a day. If I don't turn this into a full-time income stream it's not going to be for the want of effort.

To that end, I reinvested a chunk of the money starting some new projects. My plan for new sites boils down to: buy a domain, put up some 'skeleton' content, wait 4 or 5 months, then beef it up once Google stops suppressing the site.

Wish me luck!