Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

Another satisfying month of income from my little fleet of websites. Last month I made just under a thousand and the month before just over a thousand. Nice to see an upward trend in the bottom line. I'll go into each site's performance a bit more after this snazzy table.

October 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site619730582
Lead Gen359224333
Review site297874215
Education sites201160185
Authority Site295178216

The Tech Site

This was really on the backburner this month, and I didn't add much new content. So I was fairly surprised when I totted up all the income and saw I'd made over 600 dollars from it.

I'd got it into my head that adding loads of fresh articles was the key to success, but no. Seems to be pretty steady whether I do anything or not - maybe I'm still reaping the benefits of all the work I put in over the last year.

Those good numbers actually hide a bigger story - October was the month I recouped my investment on this site. I bought it from Empire Flippers just 13 months ago, so that's a phenomenal rate of return. I celebrated with a half-bottle of wine and a medium-sized pack of tiny Swiss chocs. Baller.

Lead Generation

At the end of last month I played around with ways of making the site faster - and boy did that pay off. I added a cache plugin and installed Cloudflare. As soon as I did that, the leads started coming in and haven't stopped.

Most of my customers are American, and it's important for me to remember that a lot of the USA has shitty internet. Cutting a second or two from page loading times means more income.

Unleashed from its shackles, October was the month the site roared back to life, making the sort of money it should have been making the last 6 months. If this continues I'll be very happy.

The only expense this month was renewing the domain for another couple of years (there was a sale on).

Review Site

Sales were down a bit, but nothing to really worry about. I paid for some new articles, did a tiny bit of social media promotion, and extended the domain registration.

The drop in sales income was offset by an advertiser who approached me to add a link to their new product. No-one's going to buy it because it has no reviews yet, but it's probably a win-win deal. I'm certainly not complaining: Remember, this site made zero money for six months and for a long time looked like a dead end.

October also saw me add a really, really cool-looking video to the front page (it loads behind the site header in full-width and is truly sexy), and this was the first site I got loading as full https. It just couldn't be more different than its spammy rivals.

Education Sites

Made nearly 200 dollars, quite consistent with the month before. That's fine - these are nearly passive now and any work I do put in also benefits my day job. 

Oh, I added a newsletter signup form and started gathering email addresses - email marketing is said to be lucrative and this will let me run some tests and learn the ropes.

Authority Site

Some wins and losses here. First, we moved the site away from its evil hosting and onto Namecheap, who I've only had positive experiences with. That went smoothly (because I left it to my partner who isn't an inveterate click-and-hoper). We also worked hard getting it to load faster (Cloudflare plus optimising images) and moved it to https.

On the downside, images are randomly vanishing from the site. Our lovingly crafted pages are being ruined - and we have no clue why. (It started before the move.) To be continued.

We sold two big-ticket items, which was awesome, and a bunch of low-level stuff. Weirdly, that's what I'm most happy about because I think that's a better test of whether the site is doing well or not. My theory is that any boxer can land a lucky punch but to land hundreds of jabs you need ringcraft, footwork, handspeed and all the rest.

Land the jabs and the knockout blows will come.

I actually wanted to reinvest the income more aggressively but there were problems with outsourcing the writing.


While the table shows a profit of 1,300 dollars on those sites, the real total is a bit less. My Paypal receipts show that I spent about 400 dollars on website stuff this month. There's 130 accounted for in the table, which means about 270 getting new sites off the ground.

One of those sites is more or less finished now. One is about one-quarter done. One has literally one article.

I've found that it's much harder to outsource large amounts of writing than to outsource a few articles. My main writer had some real-world issues to deal with, so I tried to find some other guys to spread the load. Not easy. I'm sure I spent more time trying to find new writers and giving them instructions than they spent writing for me.

Anyway, not being able to expand as fast as I want is something of a first-world problem - this was a record-breaking month and I'm proud of how far I've come.

Next month includes Black Friday, and then it's Christmas, so I'm expecting a stellar end to the year...