Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

November includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday - huge online shopping days. That probably explains most of the 33% increase in profit compared to October.

November 16 Income Hosting Expenses Profit
Tech site 1141 7 62 1072
Lead Gen 210 2 7 201
Review site 348 8 7 333
Education sites 370 16 14 340
Authority Site 122 1 122 -1
Total 2069 33 90 1946

The Tech Site

A reminder that I bought this site for about 5,000 dollars just over a year ago. I've optimised it in various ways, added some new revenue streams, and done almost zero link building. For this site to make over 1k on its own is mind-boggling.

Why such amazing results? I don't really know what to say. I worked like a maniac in the months after I bought it. Since then it's just been a case of adding a few articles here and there. So what we're seeing now is the harvest of seeds I planted a year ago.

It's odd to remember that after I bought it I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. It made less than 100 dollars in the first month under my ownership. Possibly a good lesson there - if it had made 300 dollars in the first month I would have been happy with that and wouldn't have made the changes and improvements that are paying off so big today.

Moral of the Story: Necessity is the mother of invention.

Lead Generation Site

This one seemed to be back on track last month, and now it's below-par again. I'm fairly sure the downturn was connected to the US Presidential election - there were no sales in the ten days before and after the election, and without going into what the product is, it makes sense that people would wait to see who won.

Medium term, a Trump win is probably good in terms of this site making its money back (if nothing else). At the moment break-even looks like being in 3 years - an eternity in the internet business - but at least it's real passive income - I think I only logged in to the site once in November.

Review Site

Income here rose from 300 to 350, while I didn't add any new articles so profits rose from 215 to 333 dollars.

The change to https didn't hurt rankings, and the site did quite well in the Black Friday period. The advertiser didn't see a great return on his investment so he's paused the campaign - he was paying me 50 dollars a month. I'm not too upset - the ad was cluttering the serene beauty of my front page.

Education Sites

There were some exams in November so visitor numbers for both sites were way, way up - and income rose accordingly. But most of the growth in income was from a guy who paid me to mention his product. It's a good service he offers, so I was comfortable taking his money.

Thinking about it, I should have spread that income across 12 months, but it's too late - I've made the table already.

Authority Site

My business partner and I solved - seemingly - the image-disappearance problem, the move to https didn't hurt us, and we added a few more good quality articles.

But sales were way down - mostly because we didn't sell any big-money items like we had in the previous months. It's still quite a new site so I'm not too worried, and I'm happy to keep pouring money into new articles. It's going to pay off in the end. This site is just way better than competing sites.

Nearly forgot - a guy paid us money to write a review of his product. That's something we might have done eventually anyway, so we were happy to be paid to do it.

Other Sites

I've been reinvesting profits from recent months into starting new sites. Most are modeled after the review site that has done so well. I thought I'd get them up and running, wait 6 months or so to get through the Google sandbox (the time when new sites struggle to do well in Google results) and then expand them.

Amazingly (to me), three of these sites had their first sales in the last week of November - just two months after their birth. Noiice! I'll have to start formally including them in these income reports somehow.


It didn't FEEL like such a good month - I had built up Black Friday in my head as this day where I'd make thousands of dollars per minute. Despite my insane expectations, November was a huge month and my websites made over 2,000 dollars, a number I didn't think was even on the horizon.

The new sites I started in September have a lot of potential, and if they do as well as the first review site I can push towards monthly income of 3,000. To that end, I made substantial reinvestment (close to 1K) in content, new domains, hosting plans and so on.

Fingers crossed Christmas provides as much of a boost as Black Friday. Wish me luck.