Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Method™ is working.

My websites made over four thousand dollars in income last month. It's taken me 2 years, a bunch of cash, and many, many hours of work, but wow! 4k. That's nuts.

In May, I went on a bit of a frenzy buying articles to expand the sites (hence the high expenses). One will triple in size, one will double, and the baby ones are getting fed as fast as I can bake rusks </metaphor>. I'm hoping to get all the new articles posted soon so they can climb the rankings and be firing by Black Friday.

If this is your first visit here, I split my income reports according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

May 17 Income Hosting Expenses Profit
Tech site 663 7 35 621
Lead Gen 105 2 3 100
Garden 133 2 55 76
Home 612 4 256 352
Review site 1212 8 105 1099
Education sites 305 16 0 289
Others 207 40 754 -587
Authority Site 788 1 285 502
John Shea 40 0 25 15
Total 4065 80 1518 2467

Bought: Tech Site

Not much to say with this. I added a few articles. There are some old pages I should update but I can't be bothered. Half the income in May came from the link-up with the Chinese supplier I've mentioned previously, and it's easier to compete in that sub-niche than in the wider niche, which keeps me lazy. (edit: Actually, that's not true - I just prefer to spend my time elsewhere.)

The main thing is that I hate Joomla (the content management system used by this site) and until I migrate it I won't have much enthusiasm to develop it. And I also don't have the energy to think about the migration. Meh.

Bought: Lead Generation Site

Terrible. I wasn't able to arrest its slump in the rankings. Disavowing the weird links I mentioned last month didn't help but there's something just fundamentally wrong here and I can't put my finger on it. I'll be happy to make 100 dollars a month for the next 5 years - then I'll break even. But even that seems optimistic.

Bought: Garden Site

Had a few nice sales, the rankings improved, and I added some great new content.

Bought: Home Site

This is one I paid a lot for - it's supposed to be making about 800 USD a month so it's down on that, but I did make a lot of changes so it's not a total shock. I'm adding a TON of content here, with 3 or 4 totally new sections. I also revamped the whole look and feel and I have to say it's extremely attractive now. (Part of me wonders if the crappy old look actually led to higher conversions, but whatever.)

Built: Review Site

I can't believe this made over 1,200 dollars. It's in such a specific niche... But it's been very slowly creeping up the rankings for a while now, and it seems to have nudged its way into some very lucrative spots.

I decided to add a whole new silo to it. This will basically double the size of the site. It's a tiny risk in case having this tangental content diminishes the site's authority in terms of the primary keywords... but the upside is potentially doubling the income.

No risk, no fun!

Built: Education Sites

These are SURGING in visitor numbers. I guess there were some exams recently but they're getting more than 10,000 visitors a week EACH. Who'd have thought I'd make such popular sites?!

Income was stable, but I had a really interesting chat with the makers of some related apps. I became an affiliate partner with them but it hasn't paid off yet - some technical problems tracking my codes etc. So I proposed a closer collaboration where I would be a bit more involved and could really push the apps to my site's visitors. The apps are great so it'd be win-win - fingers crossed we can get something going there.

Built: Others

Three of the the other sites I created last year started generating income in May. As you can see, I spent quite a lot buying more articles to put on them.

That money also includes the cost of a sexy new Wordpress plugin I bought. Much more on that in the future.

Joint Venture: Authority Site

Income here dipped a little, but that's because we didn't sell as many of the really expensive things on the site. Everything else is in great shape. We're ranked in the top 10 for LOADS of keywords and the site keeps getting bigger and better - mostly thanks to my partner.

Joint Venture: John Shea

John Shea is the guy behind No Shame Income - you can read about his projects there. I've taken over the running of a niche site he built. It's still early days. I've mostly been rewriting the old content that was on the site - a lot of it was written in 2014 and the links weren't working and some of it broke the Amazon terms of service.

The site is in better shape, but growing the traffic will take time.

We also had a complete nightmare of a project that I will write about one day when the SCARS have healed.


All my apprentices are on the right track. My Belgian mentee's site is really coming along FAST. He's easy to coach and he's putting some hours in. He's surprised me with his design skills - he made a really cool logo and the images he's made have a bit of va-va-voom to them.

The German site is a bit slower, but has just as much potential, and the Indian guy hasn't started his site yet. We're taking it slow, but in the meantime he's done a few bits of work for me and the guy is FAST.

So all that is great.


In June I will keep adding articles - my plans will probably keep me going well into July. I'm not expecting to be super-productive because summer is noisy and hot. I'll do as much as I can!