It's customary in the world of internet marketing/making money online/digital scam artistry for top internet gurus like me to publish regular income reports. This braggadociousness inspires people to try for themselves.

I've decided to join the 'look at my moneh!' bandwagon - mostly as a way to track my own progress.

Now this first report will look pretty respectable, but don't be fooled - I started trying to make money from sites in early 2014 and most of the income reported here is from sites that I bought.

May 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site384765312
Lead Gen31120309
Review site5482422
Education sites117160101

The first two are websites that I bought. The first is way above expectations (after me investing many hours improving the site and adding new content) and the second is new (to me) and the income is about par.

The review site is tiny but every time I make a sale I reinvest some or all of the profits. It will be the most comprehensive site in its tiny, pathetic niche! Thinking out loud, I'd be quite happy with a consistent 50 dollars a month because that would be genuine passive income.

The education sites had a great month - I've been getting more and more visitors every month and finally, more than a year after launch, I've started to work out ways of extracting money from those visitors. The best part? The products I'm promoting genuinely help those students. I'm hoping to double that income. 200/month would still be fairly low given the traffic volume, but it's not to be sneezed at. There was a time not so long ago when I was relieved to make 10 dollars.

Okay dudes, that's it. I'm making money from websites. You can too. Go get started.