Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working. These report cards tell the story of how my niche websites are performing (in a way that doesn't get me in hot water with the taxman).

Let's recap: In March I bought a huge house in the countryside. A tenant lived in one wing and her rent covered the interest on the mortgage. We had no plans (or money) to renovate - just get furniture as needed and settle in.

We soon realised we needed new windows and to insulate the loft. In June we got an energy efficiency expert to come and assess the whole property, since if we're making it efficient we might as well go the whole hog and try to get some subsidies.

We don't have his full report yet but holy shit, there's a lot to do. In addition to everything we already suspected, our heater is probably near the end of its life. Replacing that will be another 20,000 dollars. At the start of June, the tenant moved out. I want to put a door between our house and the flat but that will cost around 5,000.

So it was the right time to look into selling a website or two. I got in touch with Empire Flippers and started the wheels in motion. My beloved review site was listed on their marketplace fairly soon after, and a buyer stepped forward right away.

As I type this, the deal is almost done and I'll get the money soon. Of course, I'll lose a chunk of income too.

Which is why I got off my arse and starting reinvesting time and money into the rest of my sites. Grow them, sell them, focus more on the ones that are left.


With that in mind, let's take a look at my websites and see how they got on last month.

I split these report cards according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

Bought: Tech Site (C-)

It's still just chugging along, waiting for the developer to turn it into a beautiful Wordpress site. Hopefully it's done before Christmas.

Bought: Lead Generation Site (F)

I hate this site. After merging my exact match domain site with my cool brand name site it got stuck in exactly the same position. Ugh, it's just not worth a single calorie of thought.

Bought: Garden Site (B)

Made an acceptable amount of money. I spent a couple of hours merging two articles that seem to have been competing for the same spots on Google. See how that pans out.

Bought: Home Site (B)

Another site that has 'content cannibalization' issues. I merged two pages today. My opinion is that there should be 2 different articles about it, but Google seems to disagree. Again, interesting to see if changing it works.

There are some other pages competing against each other but I can't see how to fix that. Maybe the answer will come to me.

Built: Review Site 1 (-)

This is the one I decided to sell. The niche was suggested by my girlfriend as a joke, and I built it as a joke. And then it started making money and I was like 'Oh! This is a good niche. Let's take it seriously.'

A couple of years later and it was a pure cash machine. It has fed me and clothed me and I will miss it!


Built: Review Site 2 (E)

Income here plunged. Seems to me the plugin mishap from last month isn't enough to explain it. It might be that I was too aggressive with my link clean-up.

Anyway, I noticed quite a few things wrong with the site and have started tweaking it, ordering content, and so on. If I can get it sorted there's someone interested in buying it, so that's even more motivation.

Built: Review Site 3 (A)

A glorious month. It made a big pile of cash. I took the pile and reinvested half of it. I'll probably add the other half by the end of July. The site is very consistent, but quite reliant on a couple of pages.

Built: Education Sites (B)

Highest month of income ever (but still pretty low). One of the two sites got close to 100k monthly visitors, which is mind-blowing. I really should make a course or an ebook or whatever. Done right that would make everything else redundant.

Built: Others (F)

This is my basket of deplorables - sites too new, small, or shit to warrant their own section.

Basically there's not much going on in here. A summer-based site had a good month, and another one had its first sales. I hope to give them more attention over the coming weeks.

My failed authority site made about 90 bucks, but I can't stop myself throwing money at it. It has to come good one day, surely?

Joint Venture: Authority Site (B+)

Very solid income. My partner on this project is moving house, so she hasn't been as active recently. The main site is going fine, and I'd like to make a big push on our mini site. It has as much potential as the main one.



Belgian: We're in a summer lull.

Swiss:  She got her first payout this month! 25 euros! First sale, tick. First payout, tick! It's all easy from here.

Last Month's Goals

  • Successfully 'sold' Review Site 1.
  • Cut some useless articles from some sites. Jury's out as to whether that's helpful. I suspect you could only measure the effect long-term.
  • I accidentally spent a bunch of money. We have to fill our little flat with furniture so we can have guests and maybe do an Airbnb.

This Month's Goals

  • Work on Review Site 2 so that it can be sold.
  • Add content to Review Site 3 so that it isn't so reliant on one page.
  • Do keyword research so I can buy a huge amount of new content.
  • Monitor and fix keyword cannibalization problems.

Last Words

I haven't opened the champagne yet, because I don't have the money in my account. But getting a bunch of cash for Review Site 1 will be a legit impressive achievement. I made a site that looks great, ranks well, and produces money.

When my sexy new windows are installed and the noise outside stays outside, I'll think 'Review Site 1 paid for those windows'. When I can use the attic as a cinema room in summer, like god intended, because it's full of expensive cellulose stuff, I'll think 'Review Site 1 paid for that insulation'. When I get the heating bill and it's been cut by 80%, I'll say, 'Review Site 1 paid for that'.

Let's raise a glass to Review Site 1, and all who sail in her!