Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

The heatwave hit my productivity but I managed to get some good work done. Meanwhile all the spadework I did in the previous 6 months really started to pay off. Income from the sites I made was almost five and a half thousand dollars!

If this is your first visit here, I split my income reports according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

June 17 Income Hosting Expenses Profit
Tech site 406 7 42 357
Lead Gen 52 2 0 50
Garden 103 2 80 21
Home 764 4 137 623
Review site 1342 8 209 1125
Education sites 267 16 0 251
Others 285 40 567 -322
Authority Site 2163 1 446 1716
John Shea 50 0 50 0
Total 5432 80 1531 3821

Woo! That's nuts! To visualise my progress a bit better I made the following chart, showing monthly profits over the past year. 

The original chart I made had sexy animation and showed numbers when you hovered over. This is the simplified version but I encourage you to imagine it bouncing attractively.

Bought: Tech Site

Traffic is down a bit compared to this time last year, but the rankings are okay. It's ticking along okay and it's all profit now but I should really either sell it or move it to a new CMS where I can really do something with it.

Bought: Lead Generation Site

Ugh. I'm still mystified about why it has died. I finally got a bit of energy to try some on-site SEO stuff. That means thinking about my internal link building and such things. I'm chill enough to tweak and wait and see what happens. Maybe I can be more scientific about it and find out what went wrong.

Bought: Garden Site

Ticking along okay. It's making what it should. I reinvested most of this month's income.

Bought: Home Site

My plan was to add a huge amount of new content but I probably did 40% of what I wanted. The main problem is that the new articles I bought were really cheap and need me to rewrite them quite a lot. Which I didn't have the energy for during the aggressively hot days we had.

Still, it was a decent month.

Built: Review Site

Seems last month wasn't a fluke! This is the biggest cash cow in the history of cattle. I finished adding my new silo, so it's twice as big as it was a month ago. If I can double the income, too, that'll pay my rent!

Built: Education Sites

Another month of spectacular traffic, and less than 300 dollars to show for it. One of my affiliates produced zero dollars, having pulled in 40-60 fairly consistently. That's why I love Amazon - I never get the feeling they might be hiding sales from me.

Built: Others

This is a pack of 7 websites that are too young or small to get their own entry in my amazing spreadsheet. One of them had a super good month and made nearly 200 dollars. The rest I'm still investing in every now and then, but they aren't priorities.

Joint Venture: Authority Site

So this just exploded. It's a combination of lots and lots of tiny, tiny sales plus 4 sales of big-ticket items. Those 4 sales doubled the site's income!

We set out with the goal of creating an authority site and we've done that. Some of the new articles we write jump into the Google top 5 within a few days.

I couldn't be happier with it.

Joint Venture: John Shea

John Shea is the guy behind No Shame Income. I've been (slowly) reworking the content on his niche website and now it's time to expand. I bought some nice new affiliate articles, some others I can use as guest posts, plus a really great piece of content from a woman who works in the industry.

We also landed a guest post on a super high quality website, but it just got published yesterday so hasn't had time to affect the rankings yet.


The site the Belgian mentee created is basically done - the first silo anyway. There's a couple of obvious niches we could expand into but there's no point at the moment because it's all too new for Google to care. He's also been hustling for links and got a guest post opportunity. He's a fast learner! We're thinking about starting a second.

The Indian guy and I decided on a URL we both like, so there's progress in that direction. The German site hasn't progressed much but I had a nice BBQ with the mentee and drank all her wine.


  • Finish adding the new content I bought in the last two months.
  • Do outreach for guest posts.

I've got more and more free time as my day job continues its year-long decline into nothingness. The next 6 months will see me teach 3 lunchtimes a week with the odd extra lesson here and there. PLENTY of time to do all the work I want to do on these websites.

And I'm going to need all the income I can get if I want to work for myself full time in 2018. This income report is all very well and good, but only a fraction of the money is 'mine' - the rest is from sites half-owned with my girlfriend and/or with my partners. I probably need to double the income in order to have a comfortable lifestyle!