As is the custom for online entrepreneur gurus like me (YES I AM ONE I EVEN HAVE A MENTEE STOP DOUBTING ME) I am going to reveal how much MONEH I make every month.

(Actually I just realised I should probably include some other stuff in this table, but meh. I've already made it now.)

The previous month (May) I had a gross income of 866 and profit of 742. How did I do in June?

June 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site462770385
Lead Gen14520143
Review site59862-11
Education sites131160115

Boo! Down! No fair!

Tech Site Whoo

The tech site had a bumper month - some of the content I added has been paying off pretty consistently. 

The big figure in the expenses column was me paying for 3 years of hosting. If I could be arsed I'd divide that by 36 and spread it out.

edit - I got arsed and revised all the figures to include the monthly hosting costs.

Lead Gen Boo

The lead generation site needs to make 300 a month to hit my targets. Making half of that is painful. Actually physical pain. BUT the good thing was that watching it fail to make money lit a fire under my lazy ass and just last night I finished re-writing almost EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THE SITE. Most of the info is now up to date, many pages now include videos, and so on.

Review Do You Think You Are?

The review site's revenue was up a bit, but then I splurged on some improvements. They should pay off long term.

Exam Season

The exam tips sites had bumper months in terms of visitor numbers so income was up a bit. I added another potential revenue stream but I don't know if that's had any effect yet because that program doesn't have online tracking.

All in all a good month - except for the frikkin lead gen site.