Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working. These report cards tell the story of how my niche websites are performing (in a way that doesn't get me in hot water with the taxman).

July 2018 was hot. The hottest month since the birth of the planet. Hotter than the Big Bang itself.


That's been me for the last coupla weeks. Ice cream and sloth.

It's hard to remember what went on in July except for GLOBAL WARMING YOU CARBON WASTING FUCKWITS but I'll try.

I sold my main review site. The deal was struck in June but the money came through in July. It's hard to process how much money I made from that website. Bonkers return on investment.

One huge bill I thought was coming with regards to my 200-year-old farmhouse was a new heating system. We'd been talking about converting from an oil burner to some modern heat exchange thing at a MINIMAL cost of 30,000 francs (30k USD) - probably 40-50,000 in reality. But we were able to just replace the burner for 1,900 and that'll be good for another 15 years. Not very eco-friendly but we'll plant some trees to make up for it. Financially, it was a huge relief.

I 'treated' myself to a sexy new monitor and PC. My old setup had become unreliable and started to crash while I was working. No bueno. Still, I probably didn't need to get the Intel i7 with top graphics card...

Oh and one insanely stupid event: While taking care of the planet I bent down to pick up a cardboard box and put it in the recycling. I was wearing my sunglasses with my actual glasses tucked into my t-shirt.

Of course my glasses dropped and landed silently a cardboard box, which I then threw into a huge machine that crushes things. Adieu, glasses. We'd watched so much filth together.

As a result I've been wearing my old old old pair for 2 weeks and have had headaches because of. The only upside was the sexy minx optician who did my eye test and flirtily helped me choose new ones.

Long story short, what with dying PCs, the wrong glasses, and the intolerable heat, I wasn't super productive in July.

We did get our little apartment thing in good enough shape to list on AirBnB - just in time to get a rush of bookings for the summer holidays! Let's hope that goes well because it'd be nice to have diverse income sources instead of just Amazon.

Last word about real life - August will be the month where we get new soundproofed windows and have our roof squirted full of insulation. Shouldn't be so brutal in summer and will be much warmer in winter. Ja, bitte!

Now let's get on with it and see how my website portfolio got on last month.

I split these report cards according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

Bought: Tech Site (D)

This is in slow but steady decline and the only way to arrest it is by converting it to something more modern. I've taken the first steps on that journey and now must wait for the developer.

Bought: Lead Generation Site (DEAD)

This is the last time I will ever mention it. It is dead to me and I have taken a loss on the project of around 5,000 dollars.

Bought: Garden Site (D)

I've been very gently falling in the rankings here and because the site is so small there's not much incentive to look into it.

Bought: Home Site (D)

Merging the pages that were competing against each other was a good move and a good experiment that I've rolled out to similar issues on other sites. But overall income was a bit on the low side.

I added a few new articles but the writer who was doing that got a new job and can't write for me any more. Shame, because he was awesome.

Built: Review Site 1


(One side benefit: the new owner told me you can get your Amazon earnings sent to Transferwise, saving a lot compared to Payoneer. I tried it and it's like 3% cheaper in total. HUGE long term upside there.)

Built: Review Site 2 (C)

I spent a fair chunk of money trying to turn this one around, and early signs are positive. It didn't make much in the first 2 weeks of July, but then the sales started to come in again.

It's way down on where it was a couple of months ago, but I'm optimistic about the new articles I added. There's another 4 new product reviews in the pipeline, plus a rewrite of a major page. I'd have done it already if it wasn't so damn hot.

Built: Review Site 3 (A)

Another amazing month. It's just spitting out money. I'm running an experiment on the home page to see if I can squeeze a few more percent out of that. But the big news here is me buying what gurus like me call a 'fuckton' of new articles. Like I decided to go BIG on this sucker. All kinds of new pages. 50,000 words of new content? Fuck it. Why not?

Bit of a gamble, but it's not like I've got anything better to do with my time.


Built: Education Sites (D)

Exam season is over and traffic has halved.

Built: Others (B)

This is my basket of deplorables - sites too new, small, or shit to warrant their own section.

Two bright spots regarding my smaller sites - one made 300 bucks though it's very much a summer niche.

My failed authority site did okay! The huge new silo I added has started to rank, and there were a couple of sales of those products. Still waaayyyy short of where it should be, but it's nice to have an upward swing in the analytics and sales instead of being totally stagnant.

Joint Venture: Authority Site (A)

A very good month. Probably one of the top 5 months in the history of the site. Keyword cannibalisation is a topic that I started to address, but it's mostly a matter of trying to stay where we are instead of growing.

Easier said than done. It takes a lot of energy being the leader...

stay in the lead.gif


Belgian: Summer holidays! I have an idea of a tweak that might make a difference to the site. Need to think about it a bit more.

Last Month's Goals

  • I did half the work I wanted to do relating to Review Site 2. The other half is close to top priority.
  • I ordered an enormous amount of content for Review Site 3, which will come in slowly over the next weeks and months.
  • Keyword research was mostly limited to Review Site 3 because with these shitty glasses it's not nice to stare at the screen too long.
  • I did a fair bit of cannibalization fixing.

This Month's Goals

  • Review Site 2 - upload/edit all the new content.
  • Move more payouts from Payoneer to Transferwise.
  • Exercise any days with reasonable temperatures.
  • Review Site 3 - huge expansion of content.

Last Words

I'd give July a B rating because the overall income was very healthy even if a lot of sites are underperforming. But with the influx of cash from selling Review Site 1 it can't be anything other than an A+ month. 

My family's over for the weekend so I'm just going to end abrutply, pretty much at the next full stop.