Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

I was on holiday for 2 weeks, hence the delayed income report. Without monitoring all the sites every day I don't have an overall feeling about last month, but in general some sites are struggling while others are going great.

If this is your first visit here, I split my income reports according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

July 17 Income Hosting Expenses Profit
Tech site 281 7 0 274
Lead Gen 0 2 0 -2
Garden 54 2 13 39
Home 790 4 159 627
Review site 1717 8 111 1598
Education sites 300 16 0 284
Others 362 40 621 -299
Authority Site 2044 1 203 1840
John Shea 70 0 70 0
Total 5618 80 1177 4361

Nice. Quite similar to last month, but I spent a bit less money so the profit looks like a big jump.

Bought: Tech Site

Its slow decline continues, so I reached out to a couple of guys who might be able to help me transfer it from Joomla to Wordpress and make it look good on mobile and etc. With a new CMS I could start to turn it round. But even at 250 USD it's giving a 5% return on investment PER MONTH.

Bought: Lead Generation Site

Before I set off on hols I refreshed the site a bit. It's an exact match domain, and that's making it hard to get the right balance of anchor texts (the words used in a link). Probably I've over-optimised with internal links (e.g. if this article said Andrew Girardin and it had a link to the homepage (which it does now)) that would be an internal link with an 'exact match' anchor text.

Changing all that does seem to have paid off - it's climbed one place in the rankings and some money started to come in again in the last few days. But as you can see in the table above there was literally zero income in July. No bueno.

Bought: Garden Site

Income was half what I want - I lost a couple of places in the rankings, and again it's probably partly because of internal linking. I'll take a look one day.

Bought: Home Site

I finished adding all the new articles (though 12 more came when I was away) and it's doing okay with traffic and there are more pages that can bring people to the site. But it nosedived for the important keywords - another exact match domain problem.

Need to solve that!

Built: Review Site

This one - also with an exact match domain - continues to get stronger and stronger. So don't ask me what the rules are!

If my girlfriend and I buy a house we are looking at, I'd be tempted to sell this one. A few more good months like this and it'd be worth 50,000. For a site I thought might make 50 dollars a month. Bonkers.

Built: Education Sites

Traffic was way down (peak exam season is over) and income was up. Explain that, universe?

Built: Others

4 of these 7 sites made some money, but they're still basically babies. One of them is starting to annoy me - it should be starting to kick on.

Joint Venture: Authority Site

This made 2k without any of the big-ticket sales of the previous month. There've already been a few yuuuge sales in August so this is all looking very good. My partner on this one is cutting down on her day-to-day work to concentrate on this one more, and we have two other baby sites to grow.

Joint Venture: John Shea

John Shea is the guy behind No Shame Income. I've been running one of his sites for a few months with slow progress.

Before the holiday he asked me to take a look at this other site - it's an ecommerce one that needed 3,500 products to be revamped. I spent a couple of days blitzing through that and it'll be interesting to see if that turns into anything.

He also has a Merch by Amazon account that we could work on together - I hear there are people doing well with that so I'm willing to take a look.


My Belgian mentee is letting his first niche site age and we've moved onto our second project already. I bought an aged domain with some links already pointing to it, so it'll be interesting to see if that helps.

The Indian mentee is having problems getting his secret key from Amazon so that's on hold until he sorts that out. Once it's done we can get on with building up that site. It has a LOT of potential but one thing I can't do is navigate Indian bureaucracy.

My Swiss mentee has expanded her first site and it's starting to look good! We'll be adding the Amazon links soon.

In a shock twist, my girlfriend decided the niche site building life might be for her! She is uniquely unsuited to it, but should be easy to teach. It can be a long-term thing, so we'll pick up a couple of domains and see how motivated she is six months from now.


  • Keep plugging away on all the sites
  • Diagnose the exact match domain problem
  • Help my gf get started
  • Give mentees more help
  • Look into Merch by Amazon

July was good, August is already shaping up to be better.