Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

In May I made $744, which fell to $632 in June based on the poor performance of my lead generation site. Here's July:

July 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site423770346
Lead Gen11620114
Review site6783920
Education sites144160128

Rumbling along fairly solidly there. The lead gen site continues to have a sucky summer. Last month I rewrote most of the content, and this month I tackled the last important page. It took the better part of a day updating the data and improving the page. But I've done all I can now.

Having a diversity of sites and income streams means that one can have a bad month and be offset by another - that's the theory anyway. Let's see how well that holds up in future. 

Buy Another Site or Get Ripped Off Trying

This month I tried to buy another niche website, which would have been my third purchase. Sadly, another guy's money got to the broker first. That's always going to be a problem for me if I'm bidding against an American investor - international wire transfers are slower so if there's a race I'm not going to win. They wired the money back.

A week later, I tried to buy ANOTHER one with the same result. After I wired the money I noticed that I'd lost 270 dollars sending money to and from the USA (3.8%). Both banks involved blamed each other. What an absolute scam these fuckers are running. I was pissed, but then I remembered there are thousands of startups disrupting the banking sector and there will be no room for this kind of thievery in future.


I bought an expired domain that has a bunch of links pointing towards it. They don't seem very high quality but there's a lot of them. Could be a useful site to add some content to.

Free Content

An online tech retailer wrote to me asking me to write reviews of their stuff. The best bit? They offered to pay an amount exactly equivalent to the cost of a writer. Free content! Nice! I joined their affiliate program, too, and made a sale in the first couple of days.

Authority Site Fail

The authority site I set up with my Filipino partner still has almost no traffic. I spent half a Saturday morning changing the theme to have a more enticing homepage. It only cost a bit of time tweaking the new settings. But god, it's a beautiful site now. With superb content. Just no traffic.

I'm completely relaxed about it, he said while his eye twitched nervously.

Reddit Hug

My Asterix site got shared on Reddit and I got about 3 month's traffic in 2 days. Didn't really lead to anything, but hopefully that kind of kick is good in the Google algorithm? (Christ I'm an English teacher and it took me 35 seconds to get that last word spelled right.)

100s of Useless Social Shares

Good news - Podcast Pals had another good month, thanks to Cecile's parenting podcast post. It only led to one tiny sale via Amazon but I've given up hoping for money from that site. It's mostly just fun connecting with people. When the current hosting expires I'll move it to a shared hosting and the three dollars a month it loses won't bother me.

Time Invested

How many hours did I put in this month?

It's been hot so I haven't done a whole lot of work. even though I had soooo much free time. I spent most of a day rewriting that last page of the lead generation site. I also recorded a video for my exam tips site. I invested a few hours editing that one. Plus a few hours adding the new articles to the tech site.

The main thing I did this month was leave comments on loads of blogs. It's a pretty rudimentary link building technique, but it's something mindless I can do with no real mental energy lost. Can do it while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I watched nearly the whole run in the last few weeks.


  • Keep an eye out for another site to buy.
  • Add some genuine long tail content to the authority site.
  • Write some content for my new domain and see if Google accepts it.
  • Be more productive than in July.