Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

As expected, income and profit fell to normal levels - in fact, everything's pretty similar to October (before the Black Friday/Christmas mania). A solid set of results with some good news 'off the pitch'.

January 17IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site54470537
Lead Gen395217376
Review site313849256
Education sites2121618178
Authority Site721071

The Tech Site

Income of 544 is a fraction of what it made in December, but it's actually quite reasonable. I'm happy with it. Remember, I paid just over 5,000 dollars for that site. Nothing much else to say here - traffic is stable, Amazon money is consistent, and only the link to the Chinese online shop was under par.

The Lead Generation Site

Almost 400 dollars in potential income (the numbers are provisional) is the best since I've had control of the site. Trump is doing me a big favour here!

The 17 dollars in expenses is the cost of me registering a similar domain - my hope is to get positions 1 and 2 in the rankings and soak up ALL the money in this tiny niche...

The second site is coming along quite well and it's actually in the top 50 already even with just a few pages.

Review Site

I spent a bit of money (50 bucks) on new articles, and the page I rewrote last month (with my girlfriend's weirdly useful help) is ranking well. It's mostly just ticking along and that's fine with me.

Education Sites

I've found a teacher or two who will hopefully chip in with a few articles now and then. I'm happy to overpay for those articles because I really don't have the energy to write more on those topics. 200 dollars a month for the next few years is fine by me.

The Authority Site

It's been a while since we sold any big ticket items, but we're ranking well for a number of small-money terms and are tantalisingly close to making some good money (we have the 'info box' thing on a string of valuable searches). It would only take a few hundred dollars of income a month for my partner to quit her day job and focus on this full time. Gah! I feel like we're close, but the last steps are going to be harder than the first ones.

Other Sites

I invested a fair chunk of change - in the region 600 dollars - on various things - more on that over the coming years and months.

One positive thing I did was move Podcast Pals away from its expensive Godaddy hosting to one of my shared hosting accounts (and also got it on https). It only makes 10-20 USD a month, but now hosting is practically free the income is pure profit and I can offer writers revenue sharing.

But the BEST news was when I saw a guy in a Facebook group looking for someone to improve his niche site. I wrote to him explaining what I did on my tech site and he chose me out of all the 'applicants'. It turns out his site is really cool and has lots of potential, but most importantly, the guy is well-connected in the online marketing world and working with him could easily be one of the best things I ever do. Promising!


Just over $1,400 - nearly three times what I earned this time last year. It sets a solid baseline for 2017 and I'm hoping to grow that every month and then have a storming November/December.

I don't have a strong emotion about it because I've got tons of stuff to do - a backlog of articles I paid for over the last months that still haven't been formatted and put on sites, a fun new challenge, and so on. I'm too busy to enjoy what is, for now, an average month.