Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

Profits rose 600 this month, thanks to stellar Christmas sales on my tech site. A big chunk was reinvested in my newly-hatched sites - with luck some of them will be full-grown Iguanas by next December.

December 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site17357661662
Lead Gen21120209
Review site355890257
Education sites438160422
Authority Site461045

The Tech Site

It was great fun checking the Amazon income every day - I kept expecting it to trail away but it was solidly high right the way through till New Year's.

There's not much further growth likely - I've got one new section I could add but that can wait - I need my writers for other things.

The Lead Generation Site

I suppose people don't really think about this product too much in December, so to get 200 dollars out of it is okay. That's half what it should be, and seeing strings of zeroes on the daily income reports is irritating.

To squeeze as much income as possible out of it, I've actually bought a new domain and started a new site in the same niche. More about that in a future update, but basically my goal is to have two sites in the top 3 and suck up more of the milkshake.

Review Site

It seems to be pretty solid now - 350 income for the last two months. Over the holidays I sat with my girlfriend and made her look at the site and she had some really good insights about what looks good and what doesn't. I transformed one page myself and have a content plan for future articles.

Education Sites

The big exam push was in November so December traffic dwindled as expected. But I got some sponsored post money which bumped up the numbers. I'm worried about them polluting the sites so I won't accept many more.

The Authority Site

Only made 45 dollars over Christmas, which is underwhelming. But there was some positive keyword movement and I have an idea of the next steps needed to break into a few top 10s. It's still early days in a tough market.

Other Sites

No major news here - they're all still very young and it's just a case of adding content for 6 months until Google decides to allow them to rise in the rankings.

All told I spent about 600 dollars buying content for them.

Oh, and I tried to buy a new site from Empire Flippers twice and twice someone else got there first.


Record profits. Whoo!

January's income will be way down but it'll set a benchmark for the rest of the year. I have a plan to consolidate the established sites while growing the new ones at a steady pace.

If things go to plan, by the end of 2017 I'll have another half a dozen beautiful sites with great content making good money.