Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working.

There was a gold rush in the Olympics for Great Britain, and for my websites. Money came in from all angles!

August included my first income from a new affiliate link, a lucrative new partnership, my moribund lead gen site coming back to life, and best of all, my zero-traffic authority site made its first sales.

The Money Table

August 16IncomeHostingExpensesProfit
Tech site7837189587
Lead Gen25220250
Review site247873166
Education sites126160110
Authority Site7.7130-23.3

Tech Site's All Right

Income from the tech site was up 360 dollars - bonanza! That's half because a Chinese website that sells those tech products asked me to write articles about them and link to that shop. I was happy to, since I can get affiliate payments if anyone buys in addition to the money for the articles. I used the money to pay a writer. Free articles! 

And adding so much fresh content had a stunning effect on the Adsense income - I'd say it doubled from its usual level. Now the frenzy of new content has settled down, so has the Adsense income.


Generation X

The second website that I bought is all about directing people to sign up to a service. Since I bought it they haven't been doing that at the rate I expected. August was back to something like the levels I expected, and since I refreshed the content, it's true passive income.

I'm still a bit worried about it. Something isn't quite right there and I can't put my finger on it.

Review do you think you are?

My household product review site went from making 60 or 70 dollars a month to more than the 10,000 dollar website I bought! That's amazing to me. And it was consistent sales, too, not just a lucky punch.

In addition, it's high enough in the Google searches now that a company making a new product wrote to offer me a free sample so I could review it. Yes, please! Free things please!


Dot Edu

Exam busy season is over, so my education sites are just ticking along. All revenues are down, traffic is way down, new Facebook likes are down. It's still ranking well for all kinds of search terms so I have to treat it as a seasonal business.

One good thing was the first income from a new affiliate I spent some time setting up and promoting. I got like ten dollars, which isn't a good return for what was probably ten hours of work (creating videos, editing them, making a sales page etc). But even ten dollars a month would be a nice little income stream.

Respect my Authority

About 4 months ago I created a new site with a partner - we spent tons and tons of time setting up the site, creating content, doing research. I paid for quite a few articles to get the ball rolling. And the ball didn't roll. The ball stayed still, mocking us with its stillness.

In simple terms, the plan was to build a niche site (in the home improvement area) but with a flexible brand. Flexible in terms of letting us expand into complementary niches from the same site.

For example, instead of '' we'd have ''. But we'd start by writing about tennis shoes, build up that part of the site, and move on to running shoes, then hiking, etc.

That model is known as an authority site, where you are seen by visitors and Google as one of the go-to resources for that subject.

Obviously it's a lot of work, but with greater returns in the end. Maybe.

For 4 months it seemed like Google hated us and didn't want to let anyone find us. Traffic on most days was 1 (one) with peaks of 4 (four). Depressing. It's well-known that new sites are squashed down by Google to prevent hit-and-run spammers ruining the internet, but still.

So it was with huge relief that we made our first sales on Amazon in August. The first sale was two items, then we had another, then 2 more. All of cheap products, but that's far from a problem.

Then at the very end of August we sold a product for over 1,500 dollars, netting us over 100 dollars in commission!

Getting traffic is still a slog, but we're optimistic and re-energised. This site is the future!

(For any tax people reading, I plan to include all that site's income in my table, but half the profit is for my partner.)


I thought I might make 1,000 dollars this November and December, but to make that much in a 'normal' month is incredible. I still haven't fully processed it all, but I'm definitely on the right track towards getting enough income to 'retire'.

More of the same next month, please!