Like all online marketers, I post my monthly income so you can see my Methodâ„¢ is working. These report cards tell the story of how my niche websites are performing (in a way that doesn't get me in hot water with the taxman).

Looking back on April, I did almost nothing in terms of building websites. I can't think of any articles I wrote, ordered, or edited. But the websites kept chugging along and made me a healthy income.

Most of my achievements involved renovations in my house - we decided to get new wooden floors put in the bedroom and office, and muggins here had to rip up the old carpet. Back-breaking, shoulder-cleaving work.

Plus the contents of the affected rooms spilled into every other crevice and corridor - my PC was relocated to the kitchen on shitty wifi. Far from conducive to productivity. With the manual labour, stress, and chaos I just ran out of energy.


But yesterday the work was finished (we also had to paint the floors with oil then sop it up) and now my office looks rather nice. Couple of photos if you're interested:

office 1.jpg
office 2.jpg

Also on the home front we also had a company installing security cameras so Jen can check on the horses, a fight with our tenant (she'll be moving out this month so we'll lose that income but gain a bunch more space), and the only neighbour who lives close enough to bother me... loves blasting loud music on sunny days.

We found the only noisy neighbours in the whole county! I lost quite a few hours of productivity just raging at those fuckers and plotting my revenge.

Right, on with the income report. Because I didn't order any articles or do much with the sites, the income was almost all 'profit'. From that point of view, April was in my top 3 best months ever. Acceptable!

I split these report cards according to sites 1) I bought 2) I made 3) I made with a partner.

Bought: Tech Site (C-)

A bit lower than last month but still over 200 dollars. I'm in talks with a guy who has ideas about how to migrate it to Wordpress, which could be a fun project.

Bought: Lead Generation Site (F)

Oh! Now I remember I did do SOME work in April - I merged and rebranded this site. That took about a day, but the 301 redirect didn't work because you can't do that with an https site (or something - my head hurt when I tried to understand it). Which means I have to keep the old hosting just for the redirect. Gah! It's only 20 bucks a year but this site is literally making 0.

But there was nothing to lose. There have been some positive signs but I don't have high expectations.

Bought: Garden Site (A+)

This went nuts! It tripled its income! It made nearly 600 dollars. I only paid 3400 for it. (Of course I did a lot of work on it and added more articles, and I'm sure this month was an anomaly, but still.) I was offering it for sale at 5,000 USD recently, but now maybe I'll just hang onto it for a while.

Bought: Home Site (C+)

This one slipped a spot in the rankings for its main keyword, but it's doing okay overall. Just okay, mind. It gets a passing grade but could do better.

Built: Review Site 1 (A)

This site had some slips in rankings too, but the income is very consistent.

There's no REAL need to do anything except enjoy the money, but I would like to improve the site where possible. I did try to find someone in the niche who lives in America to write products reviews, but it's hard. Genuine, high-quality reviews - that's the future. You have to pay though the nose to get them.

Built: Review Site 2 (B+)

A couple of hundred bucks higher than the average month, which was entirely down to one crazy day where someone went nuts on their shopping. Thanks, anonymous spendthrift!

Built: Review Site 3 (A)

This used to be in the 'others' section but has been making 500 bucks a month for a while so it doesn't really fit there any more.

In April it went even further, making over 800 USD. What potential! Who knows how well it would do if it was my only site?!

Built: Education Sites (B-)

Meh. I'll never complain about getting money from work I did in 2015, but the income from these sites probably isn't enough to keep me in booze.

Bit annoying when they get 12,000 visitors a week each!

Built: Others (F)

This is my basket of deplorables - sites too new, small, or shit to warrant their own section.

One of the sites did well - it made over 150 bucks, but for some reason the niche has a really high return rate. Maybe all the products I'm recommending are total shit!


My biggest turd of a site made 94 dollars. That's a project I've flushed nearly 8,000 dollars down. Jesus H Christ. The huge silo of content I bought is ready, so let's see if that kickstarts the good times.

Joint Venture: Authority Site (B)

Back to normal and no lingering effects from the Google penalty.


Belgian: A slow time of year for these kinds of products.

Swiss:  First few sales! Launching new sites seems to take longer and longer, but if you keep plugging away you will see results. The hard part is staying motivated against all the odds.

Last Month's Goals

  • Not much success in getting links to the authority site - a couple of other projects had to be finished but it's top priority now.
  • Didn't really deepen any silos - that will improve this month as I have 15,000 words ready to go for my turd site.
  • I did lose a couple of kilos because of my assault on the carpet and the stress of hating my neighbours.
  • Translation project is about 20% done. The bottleneck is finding time to sit and do it with my girlfriend.

This Month's Goals

  • Get links.
  • Format and upload the 15,000 word silo I bought from a fellow SEO guru (see previous income reports).
  • I bought some gadgets telling myself I could write reviews about them and make some of the money back - need to actually do it now!

Last Words

April was great, in a low-key kind of way. Several sites had their best ever months. It's fun that when one site does badly another does well. But I don't want to encourage people to make lots of sites. You'll make tons more money from 3 sites that you really work on than 12 that you do the bare minimum with.