These are the adventures of a stupid website I created as a joke - Britain's Smallest Shop. Its mission - to make the 10 dollars a month it costs me to run it.

Current income: 0
Target income: 10 USD/month

Jen: The new site looks nice.
Me: Yep! And I was laughing at some of the articles I wrote. They're funny. I hope it'll make a bit of money one day.
Jen: Why are you wasting time doing this when you've got other sites that ARE making money?

In part 1 of this series, I tried to come up with some low competition keywords, thinking that I could easily get to the top of Google for those searches without building links or doing any promotion. That was 7 months ago and it has been a total failure.

Yesterday I took another look at the site and was horrified - it had a 23 second loading time and no images or videos were showing. That's what you get with Wordpress if you don't keep an eye on things. Sigh.

So since I was going to have to re-do a bunch of work anyway, I decided to radically overhaul the Britain's Smallest Shop in terms of design and content.


Having worked with it for a few months, I'm now something of a fan of the Genesis framework for Wordpress. I switched Britain's Smallest Shop from Divi Extra to Genesis and gave it the new Smart Passive Income theme. No particular reason - just to try it out.

best logo ever

It's nice, with caveats. One frustration: the logo has to be 860 × 160 pixels - but it only shows as 430 x 80. (The extra pixels are to make it look good on retina displays). So after an hour of messing about I realised I wouldn't be able to use my amazing logo - which honestly is the only reason I haven't abandoned this whole project already.

It's SUCH a good logo!

Anyway, there's no point going overboard on the design. Having switched themes in a dramatic way, all my old posts need to be reworked. Today I'll tidy those up - make sure the images are showing and reformatting them. All that stuff.


It seems that one thing that Google considers when deciding what should go at the top of a search is relevancy. Having a series of random pages isn't going to help you. But if the whole site is about one particular topic, you're more likely to get somewhere.

So I've decided to double down on the 'gifts' angle. I didn't have much content on the site anyway, but I deleted a few articles because they just weren't connected to gifts and their randomness was probably doing more harm than good. I should delete two other articles but I actually put too much work into them to get rid. So they're staying.

But moving forward, every post will be about gifts.

I'm thinking titles like:

  • Best Gift for Your Dimwitted Friend
  • Best Gift for Your Local MP
  • Best Gift for a Bangbuddy
  • Best Gift for British Halloween

Stupid stuff like that. When I've got enough of that type of thing it's bound to be spotted by Buzzfeed and will get ripped off without credit, and then I can go on Reddit and complain and get the attention I crave.

I'll update you on this in a few months.