UPDATE: I bought the EasyAzon plugin now, and use that instead. I think my solution here might actually be against Amazon's policies so you should double check that before using this tip.

UPDATE 2: I replaced EasyAzon with AAWP. I wrote a review of it.

If you've peeked at Britain's Smallest Shop, you'll have been impressed by the sexiness of the links to Amazon. They show the latest price, a picture of the product, and whether it's in stock or not.

The best bit is that everything is updated in real time by Amazon itself. It's actually against Amazon's terms to show a price that's out of date, so you absolutely need it to be automated.

For Wordpress, I currently favour the Amazon Product in a Post plugin because it's free and quite easy to set up.

The only problem is that if you use the default setting it looks shit. Look at this garbage: 

It looks like these sexy retro sweets are out of stock! But they're not. It just means there are no second-hand products of this type. (Second-hand candy? Gross.)

The root cause is the shortcode you are told to use. xxxx is where you put the Amazon product ID.

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin="xxxxxxxxxx"]

I searched high and low and couldn't find a way to get rid of the 'used from' section. After many hours of testing and some inspired guesswork, I came up with this:

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin="B00OQ1P4IC" usedprice="0"]

Setting usedprice to zero results in links like this:

Much better, I'm sure you'll agree. Clearer, cleaner, no possible reason not to click the link.

Once I start getting traffic I'm going to make SO MUCH MONEY.