Hey, buddy!


If there's one thing I like more than being a TOP INTERNET GURU digital nomad BATHROBE AND CROCS 4-hour workweek dude, it's messing with my website and not thinking about the consequences.

That's why you've landed on this page. Because redirecting you to the right page automatically is too much work. Do you know how many mouse clicks it takes to set up page redirects? Ugh.

aint nobody got time for 404 redirect

Anyway, you probably wanted my Asterix stuff. That's got its own website now. It's AMAZING. Here's a snippet from the Asterix comic I started writing before my artist flounced on me.

If you want to learn how to make money from websites, stick around here.

Or if you absolutely resent the hell out of me for putting up a shitty 404 page, you might enjoy reading about the 9-year old girl who gave me death threats.