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About Me

My name is Andrew Girardin. This is my story.

Here's the deal - I'm working flat-out building, buying, and improving websites because I believe that's the fastest method of getting enough money to quit my day job.

My day job? I teach English in Switzerland. Fun work, pays well, but I've been doing it too long. My dream is to never have to work again so that I'll be able to focus on finishing my awesome children's book. 

Why websites? There's a world of opportunity out there. Think the internet Gold Rush is over? Think again. The best time to start was five years ago. But the second best time is today.

My 5-Year Plan

  • 2015. Learn How to Make Money Online
  • 2016. Make Money Online
  • 2017. Make Money Teaching Others to Make Money Online
  • 2018. Retire
  • 2019. Write Classic Children's Book
  • 2020. (Optional) Upload memories to cyborg


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